Awais murderers arrested by Langer House police


A young boy of battery line, bazarghat Mohd. Awais, who was murdered by Mohd Firdouse (Rowdy Sheeter of Banjara Hills PS) and Mohd Latheef (Rowdy Sheeter of Habeeb Nagar PS ) and others on November 26, 2013 at Empire Motors, near Shah Ghouse Hotel, Tolichowki road, Hyderabad has been arrested here today with others.

Mohd Firdouse s/o Ghouse Moiuddin, age: 28 years, occ: Fast Food business and rowdy sheeter of Banjar Hills PS, resident of First Lancer, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad; Mohd. Latheef, s/o Mohd.Waheed, age: 32 years, occ: business, resident of New Malllepally, Hyderabad. Mehraj Hussain @ Mushtaba Hussain s/o Liyaqat Hussain, age 21 years, occ: Student, resident of Ist Lancer, Hyderabad. Mohd Saleemuddin @ Faroo S/o Md Afzaluddin, age 27 Years, Occ Pvt. Job resident of Chintal Basthi, Khairtabad, Hyderabad; Mir Shamroz Ali S/o Mir Azmath Ali, age about 19 Years, Occ: Car Driver, resident of to Nashe Man Hotel, 1st Lancer, Hyderabad; Syed Aijaz S/o Syed Mumtaz, age 20 Years, Occ : Driver resident of 1st Lancer, Khaja Nagar, Hyderabad. Ibrahim Khan @ Chotu S/o Osman Khan, age 23 Years, Occ ; Car Driver, resident of Opp to Nasheman Hotel, 1st Lancer, Hyderabad.

This gang has been indulged in number of criminal cases like extortions, robberies, damaging of properties and also planning for conspiracies to kill their rivals and thereby create terror and panic in the minds of people in Habeeb Nagar, Humayun Nagar, Asif Nagar, Shahinayathgunj, Golconda, Banjara Hills, and Nampally Police Stations’ limits. Due Police strict frolic over the activities of rowdies, bad characters and criminals, this gang’s activities have been come down and the one of the main gang leaders Syed Munawaruuddin @ Sheru have been absconded since (3) years, as well as another gang member Arshad Baktiyar, after completion of (8) years imprisonment, he released from the from the jail and went into underground.

Then Mohd Firdouse and Mohd Latheef have done some business with available amounts, but they got huge loss in that business. Then they both formed a gang consisting of above arrested accused and while they are roaming as vagabonds in searching of their livelihood, They became followers of local leaders Mazhar Qadri and Azhar Qadri.

Recently Mohd. Awaise joined Congress party with 200 supporters to support Feroz Khan, Nampally Constituency and becoming more active. Firdouse and Latheef did not like Mohd. Awaise growth and waiting for opportunity to damage him. Mohd Latheef is already having enmity with Mohd Awais, because two months back, Mohd Awais (deceased) brought marriage alliance for his cousin sister with one Mohd Ibrahim, Rowdy Sheeter of Police Station Kalapather. That time, Mohd Latheef has refused the said marriage proposal, on which some quarrel has been taken place between Mohd Latheef and Mohd Awais.

In this regard Mohd Latheef bored grudge against Mohd Awais and waiting to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Mohd Latheef’s cousin Mohd Saleemuddin @ Farroo (A-4) informed Mohd Latheef that, Shaik Abbas Ali @ Fayaz who is the close friend to Mohd Awais & Mohd Firdouse was abusing in filthy language and teasing him.

In this regard, on November 25, 2013 in the odd hours, Mohd Latheef and Mohd Firdouse called Mohd Abbas @ Fayaz over phone, while talking with them, Mohd Abbas @ Fayaz and Mohd Awais have made heated arguments with Mohd Firdouse and Mohd Latheef in arrogant manner and insisted them to meet immediately and asked where they have to meet. On that, Mohd Firdouse and Mohd Latheef, hatched a plan to eliminate Mohd Awais and Mohd Abbas @ Fayaz to come to Shah Ghouse Hotel, Nanalnagar, since they were also involving in their personal matters and dominating them in all aspects in their constituency area.

Accordingly both parties assembled at Empire Motors, near Shah Ghouse Hotel, Tolichowki road, on the intervening night of 25/26-11-2013 at about 0115 hours. While discussions, all of sudden, Mohd Firdouse attacked Mohd Awais with knife and caused stabbing injuries over his stomach and chest with the help of Mohd Latheef, Mehraj Hussain, Mohd Saleemuddin @ Farroo, and Mir Shamroz Ali, other arrested accused and sped away from the spot. While undergoing treatment, Mohd Awais expired at about 0300 hours at Premier Hospital, Nanalnagar.

The case is being investigated by N.B. Ratnam , Inspector of Police, P.S. Langer House, under the supervision of G. P. Vinod Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Asifnagar Division, Hyderabad. Services of G. Venkat, Additional Inspector of Police and SIs P. Mahesh Goud, Srikanth, Srinivasa Rao and crime staff of P.S. Langer House are appreciated and suitable reward is being initiated, said DCP West Zone.

Seized Items in this Murder Case: (3) daggers, (3) two wheelers, and (7) mobile phones. The accused persons were arrested and being produced before the Court for judicial custody.

Criminal back ground Accused:

Mohd Firdouse (A-1) and Mohd. Latheef (A-2), both are the friends and notorious rowdy sheeters of Banajara Hills and Habeeb Nagar police stations respectively. These two rowdy elements have been started their criminal activities from the year 2002 with notorious rowdy sheeters viz., Syed Munawaruddin @ Sheru and Arshad Bakthiyar, rowdy sheeters of Habeeb Nagar and Humayun Nagar police stations by forming a notorious gang.
Criminal background of Mohd Firdouse:
Mohd Firdouse has been involved as many as (33) cases in (8) different Police Stations of Hyderabad City. Out of which he has been involved in 30, 24 and 06 cases with Mohd Lateef, rowdy sheeters of Habeeb Nagar Police Station, Syed Munawaruddin@ Sheru, (rowdy sheeters of Habeeb Nagar Police Station and was OV since 3 to 4 years), and Arshad Bathiyar , rowdy sheeter of Humayun Nagar Police Station and was also OV.

Criminal background Mohd Latheef:
As well as Mohd Lateef have been also involved as many as (40) cases in (7) different Police Stations of Hyderabad City, out o which 04 are the bound over cases at Habeeb Nagar Police Station. Out of (36) cases he has been involved in (30), (28) and (04) cases with Firdouse , Syed Munawaruddin @ Sheru (who is OV since 3 to 4 years), both are the rowdy sheeters of Habeeb Nagar Police Station and Arshad Bathiyar (who is also OV), rowdy sheeter of Humayun Nagar Police Station.

Absconding Accused: In this case some more accused have to be arrested for escaping the accused and tried to conceal the evidence., said Mr. Satyanarayana, DCP West Zone.


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