Hajj 2014 Qurrah on April 17

Hajj 2014 Qurrah on April 17

Hajj 2014 Qurrah on April 17

Special Officer Andhra Pradesh State Haj committee Prof. S. A. Shukoor has disclosed that the Andhra Pradesh State Haj Committee has proposed to hold Qurrah (Draw of lots) for the selection of Haj pilgrims for Haj 2014 on Thursday 17th April.

Participating in the meeting of the Haj Committee of India held in Mumbai he put forth several proposals for the smooth conduct of Haj Camp 2014. He asked the Haj Committee of India to hand over the cans of Zam Zam to the State haj Committee for distribution among the Haj pilgrims at the  time of their return from the pilgrimage.  He said that this year there is a decrease of 20%  in Haj Quota for both  the Haj Committee and  the Private Tour Operators. The Haj Quota for the Haj Committee of India which was 1,25,020 has been reduced to 1.00,020 this year  while the Quota for the PTOs is fixed at 36,000.  This reduction is imposed due to expansion of Mataf area in Makkah. During the  year 2013 the quota for the Haj Committee of India after reduction was 1,21,420 and for PTOs 14,600.

Prof. S. A. Shukoor said that several states have also represented for increase in the quota in view of increased number of applicants and said that  in around four states no quota will be left for the fresh applicants as the entire quota will be fulfilled with the candidates under the Reserved categories. He informed the  meeting that around four time more applications have been recieved by the State Haj committee than the actual quota. He demanded that the quota for the Haj pilgrims should be allotted on the basis of 2011 census and not  on the basis of 2001 census.  He asked the HCI to select the Khadim-ul-Hujja by Qurrah on the lines of the general Haj pilgrims. He also asked the HCI to allot the work of Umrah services to the State Haj Committee, which has the necessary infrastructure for this service.

He opposed the method od fixation of the rent for Green category at Saudi Riyals of 4500 and for Azeezia category at SR 2500 and said that the rent should be fixed on the basis of nature of buildings. He said that  this year the distance of Green category pilgrims will be 1200 to 1500 Metres. After completion of the  Metro Rail works in Makkah the Azeezia area will be nearer to the Haram as the  pilgrims can reach there  in a very short time. He demanded that in view of complaints recieved last year the food supply should be effective, while the catering should be provided to the  pilgrims in  Madeenah.  

The meeting presided over by Janab Qaiser Shameem Chairman of the  HCI was attended by the chaipersons and Specail Officers from all the states and Union territories, besides representatives from Minsitry of External Affairs and Saudi Arabian Airlines. Consul Genral of India (Jeddah) Janab Faiz Ahmed Kidwai and CEO HCI Janab Ataur Rahman  gave details about the plans of Haj 2014. 


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