Konda Vishweshwar Reddy files his nomination for the Chevella MP constituency

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy files his nomination for the Chevella MP constituency

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy files his nomination for the Chevella MP constituency

Expresses confidence in voters electing him & TRS with thumping majority for the reconstruction of Chevella & resurgence of Hyderabad city, thereby fulfilling the aspirations of the people of Telangana

Konda Vishweshwar Reddy (Vish Reddy), the TRS MP Candidate for Chevella constituency filed his nomination today choosing this very auspicious day – April 5th birthday of Babu Jagjivan Ram, who fought for the upliftment of the dalits and the downtrodden; at the RR District Collectorate office at Lakdikapool. Konda Vishweshwar Reddy believes in the equality of every member of society and promises to strive for the equitable progress of every section and every member of society.

Vish Reddy set out to file the nomination by praying at his village temple at Dharmasagar at Chevella, paying obeisance to his grandfather Sri K.V. Ranga Reddy, former Dy. CM of Andhra Pradesh and his father Justice Konda Madhava Reddy, Former Chief Justice & Acting Governor of Maharashtra, besides seeking blessings of the village elders, several of whom were part of the 1969 Telangana Agitation. He was accompanied by his family members, uncles and aunts (sons and daughters of Sri KV Ranga Reddy) including 86 year old Mrs Sumithra Reddy and several of his younger cousins, who took sabbatical from their jobs in USA to volunteer in the election campaign of Vish Reddy. The people in Chevella received him with great affection, he being a local and one from amongst them, besides being highly qualified, intelligent and affable candidate, with concern for the people and their problems. Vish Reddy is the most qualified academically and professionally, his acumen will aid in the growth of Chevella, says a youth from the constituency.

Speaking on the occasion Vish Reddy said, India has evolved as a democracy and the electorate has become politically aware and conscious besides being better educated and financially independent. The current generation of aware, educated and independent electorate is already calling the shots in the new era of politics, leading to great changes and we are at that inflection point in Indian politics.. Therefore not having exposure to politics is more an advantage for a political novice, as people like me come with a fresh perspective to politics and our education and urge to better the lives of our people motivate us to accomplish results. The perceptible change is already visible in the political scenario, to start with, violence in election has come done drastically, there was more violence during elections during Nehru’s time than today. Due to stringent monitoring of candidates goondagiri in elections has come down. Though the money spent on elections has gone up, but the results in the last three elections in the country have clearly indicated that the candidates who spent the most money or whichever party distributed alcohol did not go on to win the elections. So, I feel extremely delighted with this changed scenario. While I am confident of winning the electorates’ mandate, but at the same time wish the best candidate in the fray may win the race and work for the people. I am sure the electorate will make a wise decision.

To reach out to the electorate of my constituency, my campaign team has adopted innovative approach; the strategically designed social media plan has been giving rich dividend with electorate aggressively responding. Our approach of reaching out to the electorate through ‘Meet and Greet’ has become the talk of town. “An accessible, intelligent, educated MP candidate reaching out to us brings a fresh and positive vibe in electioneering” says a voter from Hill Ridge county, which he visited recently.

Vish Reddy will be releasing a detailed manifesto for each of the assembly constituencies under the Chevella MP constituency next week at a press conference.


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