Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan launches new party – indtoday

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan launches new party - indtoday

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan launches new party – indtoday

Telugu film actor Pawan Kalyan Friday floated a new political party, the Jana Sena.

Pawan, brother of central minister and Congress leader K. Chiranjeevi, made the announcement while addressing thousands of supporters here.

Highlights from his speech:

  •     I hate the present state of politics of our country and that is why I have floated this new party, Jana Sena.
  •     Is Congress party like the Ganga?
  •     Who is Digvijaya Singh to advise me to merge with Congress?
  •     He made it clear that he has three kids.
  •     My father was a Government officer. He made one mistake, and he was bullied by the police and even his own parents. That incident changed my life, and taught me to think about others.
  •     My friend Raju Ravi Teja from Warangal is my support
  •     Reacting to TRS chief KCR’s daughter Kavitha’s comments: I am also from Telangana, but I should not ask for apology
  •     I love Chiranjeevi, my brother so much, but today, because of Congress High Command, we have to stand as opposition
  •     My primary aim was to entertain. Politics was never in my mind, but given the current political situation, I couldn’t keep quiet. Being an MP or MLA is not important to me.
  •     Before my fans and supporters’ love, politics is nothing. But the way the state was divided,made me very upset. Since then, I have developed this anger against politics and politicians.
  •     I didn’t like the way the state was divided
  •     I have read about the Telangana state during my school days. I have not suddenly developed  love for Telangana.
  •      I am not against Telangana, but I will not remain silent when the self respect of people from Seemandhra are being crushed.
  •     Personally many politicians are very good.
  •      I am a fan of Jagga Reddy. If Telangana agitation was led by Jagga Reddy, the division could have been amidst distribution of sweets.
  •     Pawan Kalyan mocked BJP senior leader, Venkaiah Naidu
  •     Pawan questioned Rajya Sabha member Hanumantha Rao that  whether it was acceptable for him if someone who spends with many women without marrying.
  •     Rahul Gandhi is not married but he is definitely not a ‘Brahmachari’
  •      I will talk about Rabert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi’s personal lives, if my personal life is attacked
  •     Look in the mirror before criticise me
  •     Till now, I have never commented on anyone’s personal life
  •     No one knows what happens between wife and husband. Nobody knows the reasons behind my divorces



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